Monday, December 7, 2009

behind closed cabinets

Some of my kitchen cabinets are perfectly (almost) organized, and others look like a tornado ripped right through. For example, this one is pretty in white and blue.

Then this's half random bowls and kitchen accessories (I do love my Williams-Sonoma colorful ones,) and half baking items so I can make a disaster of my kitchen (we have a seriously small pantry, so I have to stash things wherever I can.)

So here's a little kitchen inspiration to (hopefully) inspire me to get things a little more organized and pretty. And if not, these photos are still sure to make you drool.

Check out this gorgeous blue light shade.

Oh those gorgeous white cabinets with clear panes. Drooling.

This window shade is so cute! Love having a window over the sink. And check out those exposed shelves! pretty!

I don't think I would ever do blue cabinets, but check out that chandelier! So bold. So pretty.

This looks so very Ikea. Modern. Clean. And glossy cabinets. And that backsplash! Would love to know what that material is.

I LOVE this! White cabinets. Stainless appliances. White, clear and blue. And check out that built in wine rack. Santa, please?

I know I have shown this before, but I had to revisit it. I just love Katie Ukrop's home. Replace the pink with my Martha blue, and it's a kitchen dream come true! and Domino Magazine


Elizabeth Kennemer said...

Pretty Pictures! One day soon you will have a kitchen of your own to go to town on and decorate how you would like!!

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