Friday, November 6, 2009

fun in the craziness

Have you ever had a day, week, month, just some period of time where you feel like everything has been crazy, and you just need to get out and do something fun? I felt like that on Tuesday.

The last few weeks have been insanely busy, and this week wasn't starting out any different. Then, on Tuesday, I had the day of all days. Tons of work to get done, and trying to figure out how I would find the time for it all. Lunch time rolled around, and I decided I would go grab a drink at QuikTrip, pick up our mail and pay the rent. I pulled up to our apartment office, got the mail, and as I got back to my car, I began to realize I had no keys to get in. As I peeked inside, sure enough. There they were sitting in the cup holder along with my cell phone and purse. What's a girl to do? Thankfully I had keys to get inside my apartment where I began frantically e-mailing my mom to call AAA and my sister to text Kyle. I even downloaded Skype to see if I might be able to call someone from my computer. What a mess!

Then I get am e-mail of rescue. Amazingly, my dad just happened to be less than a mile away from my apartment, and he was on the way to rescue me! So an hour later, the nice old AAA man had unlocked my car and I had my keys back...and my Diet Dr. Pepper.

After all this, I told Kyle we HAD to do something fun that night. After doing a little googling, I had a good little night out planned. Dinner and an Oilers hockey game. One of my favorite parts of our nights out are the car rides together. We turn the music up, and I love hearing Kyle sing the songs on the radio. He would probably never admit it, but he has a great voice, and I love hearing it. As we walked up to the BOK Center for the game, a nice guy outside the arena handed us two tickets...for free! And to make it even better, they were on the 5th row in a fancy box section. We saw three fights during the game (I mean, that's really why you go watch hockey anyway) and took advantage of their $2 night. Oh, and the Oilers won 4-0.

After such a crazy start to the week, it was a perfect night with my guy.

In other news, I have been reading and hearing a lot of raves lately about a brand of cleaning products called Mrs. Myers. I had thought about trying it out, but wasn't sure where to get it other than online. Then, the other day I was picking a few things up at Target, and there it was! Mrs. Myers products in "Iowa Pine." I grabbed a bottle of the countertop cleaner, and I have to say, all the reviews are right. It smells great! I hate that harsh scrubbing bubbles smell, so to be able to clean and have it smell great without lighting a million candles is awesome! Mrs. Myers, you have a new fan.

Busy weekend coming up. We are celebrating Kyle's grandparent's 60th Anniversary! They are the sweetest couple, and it's great to see how much they love each other after all these years. They gave Kyle and I the best advice when we got engaged. They said "always keep each other special." We take their advice to heart, and are looking forward to just as many years together as they have shared.

Have a great weekend!


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