Tuesday, November 24, 2009

relating to pam

Being an advertising major in college, I have, for quite some time, had an appreciation for great commercials. It has, however, been quite a while since I have seen a commercial I completely related to. Until now. Seriously. I saw this commercial, and could practically see my face in this situation. Check it out...

See what I mean? Things burning and fire alarm going off all while trying to be dressed cute and put together something nice for the hubby. I've seen that scene time and time again. One thing I am pretty sure I won't have to ever deal with though: my husband forgetting our anniversary. Even if he didn't remember on his own, I kind of love special events and start talking about them a good several months before they happen. So, there is pretty much no way I'd ever give him the chance at forgetting.

On the menu tonight...Portobello and Beef Patty Melts. Guess I better get out the PAM!


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