Monday, November 2, 2009


I honestly can't believe it's November already! That means the start of the holiday season is only DAYS away! On our way home last night, I sneakily put a Christmas CD in to play thinking the Mr. would try to stop that if he knew about it, but instead, he just smiled, knowing it made me happy, and even sang along with me :) I didn't decorate the apartment for fall at all, but I am beyond excited to decorate for Christmas. We decided on a real Christmas tree this year, and found about about a place where you take a hay ride to where the trees are, cut down your own tree, and they have hot chocolate and a gift store! It sounds like it came right out of Whoville.

I need to order stockings, and have been eyeing these from Pottery Barn. I figure the white will last us a while, and match anything. I do love the look of these, even though I usually don't like non-matching stockings...but how cute! I think you need to have more than two people in your family for that to work though. Maybe if we get a puppy :)

Now we just have to decide on decorations. Do I want it to match our apartment, or go classic Christmas colors. Growing up, my family always had a pretty, matching tree with bows, and then we had our fun tree with all Santa ornaments. I always love putting that tree up just to see all the silly ornaments we made as kids, and gave to our parents. More than anything this Christmas, I'm just excited for the Mr. and I to have all of our Christmas firsts, since it's our first married Christmas. Our first tree, first time doing stockings for each other, etc. I'm always incredibly excited for Christmas, but this year there's extra excitement!

So, it may seem a little early, being only November 2, but in my mind the holidays have started. What's your favorite part of this time of year?

And now, in honor of Christmas, here are some OLD pictures I dug up of both Kyle and I. Enjoy :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh Christmas! I started listening to Christmas music long long ago. haha I LOVE the white stockings, plus once you have a little one come along you can easily buy some more for them and put their names on them!
Thanks for posting the old Christmas photos--they made me smile :) We were just so cute! p.s. i love the way you're holding baby katie in the last picture.

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