Wednesday, September 2, 2009

beginning the learning process

OK, so I decided it is time to buckle down and do what I actually set out to do...learn to cook, and other domestic duties. Tonight the hubby was working a little bit late, which was perfect, because I was able to have dinner completely ready when he walked in the door. I'm such a good wife. haha.
I started out by going through a cookbook I got from a good friend as a wedding present. It's awesome. I would tell you the exact name, except it's on the kitchen counter, and I'm on the couch 10 feet away, and don't really want to get up (sorry! i promise to tell you next time). Anyway, I found a recipe for chicken kiev, which sounded awesome, super sweet hubby made a breakfast burrito this morning, and we were out of eggs (which the recipe tells me it needs). So, back-up plan, Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with twice-baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Is your mouth melting yet?
This dinner was surprisingly easy, and the timing was perfect. Everything finished at pretty much the same time. I started with the chicken, put all that together and in the oven. Then got the potatoes going, and the corn last. Got the table all set with the food and wine (first red wine we have tried we actually liked.) Everything really tasted pretty good, except I need to master cooking chicken without it turning out dry. Tips, anyone???? (pretty please!)
I must say I was pretty proud of myself for pulling this off. Now I'm not so scared to try new things, although just by reading through some of the recipes, I realized I am lacking a lot of kitchen staples. You know what we need? Someone to put together a list of "here is what you need to buy at the grocery store." I guess I need a grocery fairy...probably doesn't exist, huh? I guess the next best thing is actually planning my meals in advance. Maybe someday. For now just cooking a meal without catching my oven on fire (yes, that actually happened about two weeks ago. Hubby to the rescue!) is quite an accomplishment.


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