Sunday, September 27, 2009

sanding and primer and paint...oh my!

I have a few pieces here and there around the apartment needing a fresh coat of paint. Not necessarily because the paint is worn, more because I want a pop of color. For instance, we have a great mirror on the wall by our dining table. It's black. How great would it be to give it a punch of color? Also, I have a pair of all white lamps on our bedside tables. White base. White shade. I'm thinking the white base needs a makeover.

The only way I've really painted before is the whole process of sanding, then painting, which just seems to take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. And by before, I mean one time, and I don't even remember what I painted, I just remember I didn't like the sanding process.

So imagine my joy when I was reading over at Young House Love about the painting system they's sandless (spell check tells me this is not a word. I'm disagreeing for right now)! Here's what they say to do:
  • First, use one coat of an oil-based primer like Kilz
  • Then go over it with two coats of flat paint
  • Finally, do two thin coats of a clear, water-based polyurethane (oil-based will discolor your paint)
 So my project for the week...jazz things up with some paint. But...what color? I can be slightly indecisive, as you saw by the pillow options, so I'm calling for help once again!

Here are the mirror and lamp to help you visualize. And a bedside picture of my super cute hubby and me. He doesn't need painting, I just like to show him off.

The colors throughout the apartment are pretty much the blue and white in these pillows so I am thinking one of these four: (of course, i'm always open to other suggestions.) your votes (of course, write-ins are accepted.) I'll leave you with this picture to jump start your week. It's from a family reunion this weekend. Gotta love the randomness.


Elizabeth said...

I really like the golden yellow (4) but i think it might look out of place. So I would probably go with the blue (1). Doesn't your bed have a blue pattern in it? I can't remember!

But I'm kinda curious to see what the yellow would look like in the room?!

The (Not So) Domestic Goddess said...

i'm drawn to the yellow too, but know blue would be pretty...and safe. the mirror and lamp don't necessarily have to be the same either.

mere... said...

you changed colors, right? well - i like this round of options more i think. personally, i love that grey color but i don't know that it's quite your personality as much as the other. i think the yellow would either be a nice pop or look random and out of place. it might work a little better on the lamps, because you have two of them and it would balance out a little more and look like you did it on purpose. and then you could see how you feel about the color - i think unless you incorporated some more yellow into the living room, the mirror in that yellow would just stand out too much.

my actual opinion is to ask the hubby what he thinks. i know guys typically don't care, but i'm sure he has an opinion somewhere in him. and if you're undecided, i mean it's his place too so you can feel good knowing you included him in making it your all's place!

Elizabeth said...

I agree that other yellow objects need to be added if you decide to go with that color. But I love the yellow it's real cute and happy!

And yeah, kyle probably does have the right to an opinion. But I'm sure he will love whatever you love Brit--thanks for sharing your design questions with us :) They keep me entertained while at school.

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