Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Being Honest

OK, so let's all be honest here. As much as I love the beautiful table settings in Real Simple, adorned with beautiful dishes, food that I look at and can't imagine I'd be able to accomplish, and napkins folded into...I don't know...a duck or something, the truth is, that is not the typical dinner. Not in my house anyway.

Sure, when I was growing up, my mom always managed to make our dinners look picture perfect, but as I was making dinner last night, I realized the reality is most of our dinners are served on every day dishes (you're lucky if I don't make you serve yourself from the stove) where everyone gets their own drinks (eskimo joe's cups are our favorites), and paper napkins (folded into a triangle if I'm feeling especially fancy.) And you know what? I think that's just fine. Because after dinner is over, it takes me 10 minutes to clean up instead of 30, and I love those extra 20 minutes snuggling on the couch with my hubby.

I'm still on a quest to learn to cook great meals, and to be all domestic and such, but you will have to bear with me if I post a dinner looking anything less than if Martha Stewart set my table.

With that said, dinner last night is one of the Mr.'s favorites. He is feeling a little sickly :( so I let him pick dinner. The recipe sounds a little weird, it's a pasta, where the sauce is a combination of yogurt, ranch and milk, but trust me when I tell you, it is delicious! (and super easy, which (hello!) i love.) And after all the food was ready, the Mr. filled his Eskimo Joe cup up with apple juice, and put his triangle folded, paper napkin in his lap. And it was perfect.


Elizabeth Kennemer said...

That looks delicious! And it sounds interesting. I can't wait to be home for a home cooked meal. You're so cute with your quest to be domestic! p.s. i'm def a fan of the eskimo joes cups (especially the color changing ones)...checking daily for updates. :)

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