Thursday, October 15, 2009

puppies, pillows and place settings

In just a few short days, I feel like there is so much to share. First of all, we are dog sitting my parents dogs. Two bichon frise's (Happy and Holly). It's to help my parent's out, but also to kind of have a trial run on having a dog in an apartment. Other than barking every time a leaf blows by, it's been pretty good. And even if you don't like small dogs, or fluffy dogs, or just dogs in general, you really can't deny these dogs are cute.

Also...I finally got my last pillow! I really like them. The colors are great, and they are the perfect amount of chic without the Mr. thinking I am trying to girl-ify the whole apartment. Holly wanted to model the new pillows for you.

On Tuesday night, my best friend of over 11 years and her man came over for dinner, and we had a great time. Kyle and I served up a shrimp and crab boil, and it was delicious, if I do say so myself. It's also my favorite meal, so I guess I am a little partial, but for our first ever homemade boil, it was super tasty. We went the traditional route, and threw the food on the table. I did set the table all pretty though, even though we really needed bibs more than pretty plates. We had crab dip as an appetizer, and hard cider and iced tea to drink. Tasty, tasty. Meredith brought dessert, and I don't know what to call it, but whatever it was, it was delicious. After dinner we lounged around and watched ridiculous reality shows. My kind of night.

This weekend is the big OU/TEXAS(sucks!) game! I hope my Sooners can pull out a W. I'll be kicking domestic skills in high gear to feed some good food to some hungry, football-loving guys. Pictures and stories to come. Let's hope I can keep the smoke and flames from appearing this time. Have a great weekend!  GO OOOOOOOOOU!


BlurpleStyle said...

awww, your doggies are so adorable

mere... said...

i'll comment just so people know you're not lying about your meal - it was delicious! and eating straight from the table was fun, i'm going to start doing that with all our meals...or you know, maybe not. and the dessert was apple cheesecake streusel bars. it won't let me post the link, but just google betty crocker apple cheesecake streusel bars and you'll find the recipe. although i would recommend using 2 cans of apple pie filling and doubling the cinnamon as well. i found that one can wasn't enough to evenly layer the entire dish with apples and made it more of a swirled layer. and p.s. 11 years? wow. still surprises me every time i hear it.

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