Wednesday, October 7, 2009

painting, take 1

So this last weekend the Mr. and I attempted to paint the mirror and lamps (we actually chose a different mirror to paint for this time around.) We went to good 'ol wally world and picked up some spray paint and a sanding sponge, and off to paint we went. The process actually worked perfectly. The lamp bases are ceramic, so I was a little worried on if it would work or not, but we didn't have any problems. After we painted everything, we were so excited. Everything looked great!

Then we got home. And realized the blue we picked didn't really match at all (wah. wah.) The cap on the can looked perfect, but I guess it came out a little brighter or something. Still not really sure. But I do know we will be attempting the process again in the near future. At least now we know what we are doing, it should be a pretty quick project.

This is what the lamp looks like on my side table. Looks like it would look great, huh?

But then when you look at it with my comforter and curtains...not so good.

And in the kitchen, the mirror looks like a nice pop...

...but compare it to my kitchen stuff. Not quite a match.

So, I am on a mission to find spray paint to solve this little problem. Until then, I will just have to sit back, and enjoy this.

P.S. Anyone see NieNie on Oprah today? Very touching and a little bit sad, but so good to see.


Elizabeth said...

Oh sad day with the blue paint. Next time maybe test it out before you paint everything. But the paint job does look good!!

And yes seeing stephanie on Oprah was so weird to hear her voice after reading her blog. She has such a great outlook on life though. It is inspiring.

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