Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wednesdays with kyle. take one.

So I'm starting a new little segment here. Introducing....(drumroll please)...Wednesdays with Kyle! My super sweet, super cute hubby is going to deliver the news on life every Wednesday. Take it away, Mr. (xoxo)

Well hello everyone this is Kyle aka the hubby. This is the first, and possibly the last time I will ever blog, but I have decided to do this for Brittany. So I guess the way this works is you just kind of talk about current happenings and what not so I will start with what's new with me and some thoughts I have.

First off, Brittany and I have been kicking around the idea of getting a puppy. We both love animals, but the real reason we want a puppy is to prove to ourselves we can keep another creature, who must depend on us for food and shelter, alive cause one day we may have an actual human to take care of (scary thought, I know.) I have learned one thing from our online puppy search, and that is this: poodles are about to take over the world. No joke. Poodles are mixing with every other dog; you can get everything from a golden doodle to a boxer doodle. I have to be honest, poodles are not my type of dog. They seem so fancy and high society. Saying that though, I must admit that Brit has her eye set on a cockapoo, which if you haven't heard of is a cocker spaniel/poodle mix. I am more of a manly dog guy, like a lab or retriever, but we live in an apartment so we have to get a smaller dog. I have it admit once I saw the picture of a cockapoo puppy, I decided I could go with the idea. They really are cute. I was also happy to learn that poodles are actually one of the smartest breeds, which should workout well when I teach it to get me a beverage from the fridge. Anyway, that's really all I have right now, so I hope you enjoyed my insights on puppy searches. I may talk to you all again next week, or maybe I won't (if Brit decides to discontinue this little feature or something), but either way, watch out for the poodles. They are trying to breed us out.      


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